Monday, July 30, 2012

Kubuntu low fat settings

Kubuntu low fat settings package was removed from Kubuntu 13.10. More info here.

If you are using Kubuntu, you might be interested to do:
vic@wic:~$ sudo apt-get install kubuntu-low-fat-settings
I do this in every new Kubuntu installation.

Kubuntu 11.10 introduces Kubuntu-Low-Fat-Settings: a collection of configuration options that reduce memory usage and even speed up KDE's loading time. This will help Kubuntu run better on older, lower-end systems.
Some of the many tweaks include:
  • Turning off compositing by default.
  • Disabling the automatic loading of various modules, such as bluedevil, the free space notifier, some Nepomuk services, and a other components.
  • Reducing the number of default Krunner plugins that are loaded automatically.
  • Reducing the amount of graphical effects used in the window decoration.
  • Significant reductions in memory usage (up to 32%) and the subsequent savings in KDE's loading time (up to 33%) can be had simply by installing the package kubuntu-low-fat-settings!

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