Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guido views running scripts within a package as an anti-pattern

Imagine this directory structure:
I'm running mod1 (python app/sub1/ and I need to import something from mod2. How should I do it?
I tried from ..sub2 import mod2 but I'm getting an "Attempted relative import in non-package".
I googled around but found only "sys.path manipulation" hacks. Isn't there a clean way?

On 4/22/07, Brett Cannon wrote:
> This PEP is to change the ``if __name__ == "__main__": ...`` idiom to
> ``if __name__ == sys.main: ...``  so that you at least have a chance
> to execute module in a package that use relative imports.
> Ran this PEP past python-ideas.  Stopped the discussion there when too
> many new ideas were being proposed.  =)  I have listed all of them in
> the Rejected Ideas section, although if overwhelming support for one
> comes forward the PEP can shift to one of them.

I'm -1 on this and on any other proposed twiddlings of the __main__
machinery. The only use case seems to be running scripts that happen
to be living inside a module's directory, which I've always seen as an
antipattern. To make me change my mind you'd have to convince me that
it isn't.

--Guido van Rossum

Here is a good article by Nick Coghlan on Python import problems, which includes the case described above:

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