Friday, December 9, 2011

Backup Chromium profile in KDE including passwords

I am using KDE and Chromium browser (Kubuntu 11.10).

Recently i wanted to reinstall Kubuntu from scratch. I have /home on separate partition, but i wanted to create a new user - to be sure that only applications I choose will get old settings. I copied from old home folder settings of some apps to the home folder of the new user. For example: Skype, Krusader, Wine and Chromium.

It turned out that if I copy ~/.config/chromium/Default to the new user home folder - bookmarks are restored, but passwords are not copied. Then i remembered that on the first run Kwallet asks whether to allow Chromium to access the wallet. Google confirmed that Chromium on KDE uses Kwallet to store passwords.

So, my passwords came back after I did the following:
  1. Stop kwalletd
  2. copy ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet/kdewallet.kwl to the new user home folder
  3. Start kwalletd
Now the passwords for my websites are back!

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